Boskone Schedule

Looks like I’ll be busy on Friday.  There’s a lot of horror, too.  The horrah!  The horrah!

Boskone, Feb 13-15:

Friday 9pm

What do you read for Pleasure?

Patricia Bray, Mary Kay Kare, Juliet E. McKenna, Lawrence M. Schoen, Paul G. Tremblay, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Cheap romances. Yaoi manga. Archeology journals. Sword and sorcery. Cookbooks. What’s your secret pleasure? Why? Does it affect your writing? (How?)

Friday 10pm

Why I Write Horror

Christopher Golden, Dan Keohane, Sarah Langan, Paul G. Tremblay

OK….it’s not because you’re crazy (is it?) So, why? How does creating this very darkest of the genres help you (or–one hopes!–your readers) make sense of the “real” world? To create understandable connections with the BAD things around them? And, where–and how–does horror *fail*?

Friday 11pm

More Braains — Zombies, Part II: The ReResurrection!

John Langan, Paul G. Tremblay

A favorite fun panel from last Boskone comes back from the dead. Again. We ll discuss past, present, and future zombiemania in books, movies, TV, comics, and maybe even real, uh, life. Why not stagger by and let us ea — that is, pick your braaiiins?

Saturday 5pm

A Review of Horror

Craig Shaw Gardner, John Langan, Sarah Langan, Paul G. Tremblay

A look back at material produced in the field over the last year. What was good…..what was *great*! Recommendations??? Where is horror heading?

Sunday 11am

Writing the First-Person Point of View

Debra Doyle, Darlene Marshall, Joshua B. Palmatier, Paul G. Tremblay, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

What are the plusses and minuses of writing in the first person? Sure, you may gain a sense of immediacy, but what might you lose? How is it done well? Badly?


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