The Little Sleep released!

(cross posted at my live journal)

I sold THE LITTLE SLEEP to Holt in October 2007, and man, at the time, the release date of 3/3/09 sounded so far away.  It was almost a comfort.  I had a year and a half to sit around and not worry about sales and reviews and the like.  And now it’s here.  I’m planning on spending the afternoon visiting some local bookstores and slobbering on the book.  That’s personalized slobber, you.

Thank you to all my friends who’ve first-read any of my work, who say nice things about the writer-me behind and in front of (huh?) my back, and who let me complain on their shoulders when things weren’t going the way they were supposed to.  You know, my way! 

Now go buy, buybuy!  Please!


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