TLS in Boston Magazine and the Anniston Star

At Boston Magazine:

BEST PARTS: The high points of this month’s cultural highlights.

Book: The debut novel from Stoughton’s Paul Tremblay, The Little Sleep (released 3/3), is an inventive little romp concerning a narcoleptic PI from Southie. Where the book feels most authentic is in its wild description of a late-night crossing of the oh-so-narrow and heavily traversed Sagamore Bridge. “The steel girders whisper at my car doors,” the protagonist pants. “My hands want to cry on the steering wheel.”

The Anniston Star (Alabama):

The mystery is a twisty one (how could it not be?), and the confusion in much of it makes it never dull or even guessable. The narcolepsy makes everyday situations difficult or, in one case, terrifying. And even in the end, when it’s all wrapped up, there are still some questions about what really happened that leave you wondering.

This is a great new character for mysteries. It will be fun to see what happens to him next.


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