Los Angeles Times reviews TLS

And wow, it’s a 1000 word review by David L. Ulin.  I have to confess, the opening line made me gulp–

“Paul Tremblay is either brave or crazy to call his first mystery The Little Sleep.”

–because I’m not brave, and no one is supposed to know that I am a little crazy.   Nonetheless, the review went down smoothly, and heck, I’m just honored the LA Times would give my book so much wordage.

“The fact that Mark can’t trust his own perceptions gives The Little Sleep an edge of existential crisis, as if he’s trying not just to solve a case but also the key to his consciousness.Tremblay does a fine job of developing this tension, describing the incidents in Mark’s hallucinations as if they are really happening, blurring the lines between interior and exterior until, like the character, we are looking at everything with a kind of double vision, sussing out the clues that will tell us what is true…. The Little Sleep offers up an interesting gloss on the detective genre, in which the deepest and most profound mystery has less to do with any crime per se than with the enduring enigma of the self.”


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