ChiZine editorial/review of TLS

For those not in the know, ChiZine is an online ‘zine that has been publishing high-quality (and free to the reader) dark short fiction for more than a decade now.  They also host the coolest summer fiction contest going (having had folks like Kelly Link and Peter Straub) as judges.

Brett Savory–writer, musician, Canadian-extraordinaire–wrote a too-kind editorial concerning The Little Sleep and me.  Blame Canada!

“I’ve read a lot of Paul’s work over the years—first, when he submitted to and won the 2002 ChiZine/Leisure Short Story Contest (which led to his becoming one of my fiction editors), all the way till he won the contest again in 2008. So when I heard he’d scored a deal with Henry Holt for his debut novel, I was absolutely thrilled for him. If anyone deserves to reach a wider audience, it’s Paul Tremblay. And with this novel, The Little Sleep, he doesn’t disappoint.”


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