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Bookgasm: “If those three words have piqued your interest, keep reading, since Mark Genevich is exactly that in Paul Tremblay’s The Little Sleep. What might seem as some sort of cheap gimmick to rest a character on is not.”

Faceout Books: “This is a mystery but a quirky, sardonic, fun mystery. Raymond Chandler meets The Big Lebowski.”

Bookspot Central (Sandra Ruttan): “The Little Sleep by Paul Tremblay is an ambitious addition to the PI genre that invokes the spirit of Chandler with the title, and that unfortunately means some readers and reviewers may be sidetracked by comparisons. Hopefully most will read Tremblay’s debut with an open mind and judge him on his own terms and find him a worthy addition to the genre.”

Nick Kaufmann (author): “It’s a brilliant concept, and I love how the plot — not just the title — plays on Chandler’s famous novel The Big Sleep. Tremblay’s got an absolute mastery of his prose, too. The novel is a feast of language and imagery, and at under 300 pages, it’s a quick read that doesn’t disappoint.”

The Mystery Reader: “This novel comes together well through the skill of the author. It would be easy to make a comedic story of a bumbling detective who can’t stay awake long enough to make sense of the meager clues he possesses. Tremblay, however, reveals that narcolepsy is a complex condition not just nodding off at inappropriate intervals.”

The Velvet: “Now, you may be thinking this whole Narcolepsy thing is a bit too convenient, a bit too gimmicky. It’s not. Mark’s condition does not exist for the sake of confusion or suspense.”

Reviewing the Evidence: “Tremblay has set himself a difficult task: maintaining pace when his narrator is constantly falling asleep. That onset of sleep itself becomes suspenseful, like one of those nightmares that couples urgency with paralysis.”

A Curious Statistical Anomoly: “Tremblay does a great job bringing Mark Genevich to life. He may not be someone you like very much, but you will respect his determination.”

Rude Cactus: “It’s quirky, yes, and Tremblay’s sense of humor is there in all its glory. The story, however, is solid, and the mystery is intricate and suspenseful. The Little Sleep was a pleasure to read.”

Pax, Amor, et Lepos in Iocando: “Genvich’s problem is never fodder for humor–unlike Monk’s OCD, which would’ve been very easy, and probably very entertaining. Tremblay sticks to the high road, however, resulting in a deeper, probably more satisfying, read”

Genre Go Round Reviews: “Though smoking and narcolepsy seems a dangerous combination, fans will enjoy this offbeat private investigative tale of a detective suffering from his own private South Boston.”

No More Grumpy Bookseller: “Tremblay’s mystery is a unique one with a funny spin. Don’t be mistaken, though, the book is not farcical by any means. Genevich isn’t a sad sack either.”


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