Mark Genevich: an artist’s rendition!


Now I can’t draw worth a lick, but I happened to be doodling while trying to brainstorm ideas for my second novel, and I scratched out this picture of Genevich.  Knowing I would never be able to replicate the artistic feat again in a million tries (I’m up to fifty-three tries, currently), I scanned the sucker, and am using it in my next book.  Consider this your sneak peek to No Sleep till Wonderland.



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6 responses to “Mark Genevich: an artist’s rendition!

  1. You got it the first time with the sketch! I really enjoyed The Little Sleep and looking forward to the sequel.

  2. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the book, and the sketch!


  3. being a senior genevich, age 66, i am curious as to where the name entered your repitoire!

  4. thelittlesleep

    Hi dave!

    I borrowed my mother-in-law’s maiden name.


  5. Hey, that’s the grseteat! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

  6. dave genevich

    Being a Genevich, I can relate to the sketch. A little quirky but definitely an inspiration.

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