Follow-up assignment (get to work!)

Harmony Desmond Stacey gave her creative writing classes I visited a follow-up assignment. 

Given how much we talked about where ideas came from, inspiration, and stealing from everyone and everything, they have to steal from me this week, given the following choices:

–You have read the first 2 chapters of Tremblay’s novel The Little Sleep. Write the 3rd chapter to the book, trying to imitate his style and tone and advancing the plot in terms of where you think the story is headed.

–Use the title of one of his stories (The Two-Headed Girl OR There’s No Light Between Floors) as a line in an original poem written by you.

–Take the first 3 lines of There’s No Light Between Floors and use them as the beginning of your own original short story: “My head is a box full of wet cotton and it won’t hold anything else. Her voice is dust falling into my ear. She says, “There’s no light between floors.”

–In several of his stories (The Two-Headed Girl, the blog at the end of the world, and The Teacher, for example) Tremblay writes in first person narration, but as a female character. It can be difficult to write as a female if you’re male, and a male if you’re female, and still make it believable to the reader. Write any kind of short story or poem you’d like, but if you’re a male, use a female’s voice through a first person narration. If you’re a female, use a male’s.

–Tremblay often writes in first person present tense, where many authors use first person past tense. Write any kind of short piece you choose, but make sure it is in first person present tense.



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3 responses to “Follow-up assignment (get to work!)

  1. Harmony

    Wow, whoever came up with these assignments must be pretty talented and creative themselves 😉

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