Shirley Jackson Awards interviews now live

Over at the Shirley Jackson Awards blog we’ve started posting Charles Tan‘s interviews with this years nominees. I’ll probably start posting two interviews a week until we hit Readercon. Interviews so far:

Stephen Graham Jones: “So. Horror, what it does is remind us that we’re human. It engages that animal part of our brain that still remembers that there’s stuff around every corner, just waiting to chomp down on us. Except, in today’s world, we’ve got the place so lit that the dark corners aren’t so dark. Horror gives that darkness back, lets us be what we are, instead of some cleaned-up version. And it’s good to feel human in that most basic way.”

Melanie and Steve Rasnic Tem: “We ask a lot of the reader in this book. We ask a particular kind of suspension of disbelief–really, we ask the reader to set aside the belief/disbelief paradigm, to put on hold the impulse to figure out what “really” happened and look at what’s “true” in a different way. It seems to have worked for some readers. No doubt others are still annoyed by it, or just stopped reading when they realized what we wanted from them.”

Nadia Bulkin: “”Intertropical Convergence Zone” was a way for me to write about a political period (the Suharto era) that had a lot of impact on me personally with the freedom, texture, and emotional punch of fiction.”

Conrad Williams: “You can draw out enormous power by leaving things a little vague; leaving things to the reader to decide in other words, because what is going on in the little cinema behind their eyes is much more intense and frightening that anything you, as a writer, can confront them with on the page.”

Jeff Vandermeer: “I don’t consider myself a New Weird writer, but someone who writes some fiction that can be considered New Weird every once in awhile. I don’t know if “The Situation” is New Weird or not, and I’m not sure it matters.”


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