Those lousy river monsters tricked me!

Last week Jeffrey Ford posted a funny bit about one of those pseudo-science paranormal shows called MONSTERQUEST, and how in the show, there’re no monsters, no anything really.

On Sunday, somewhat inspired by Jeff’s post, I ended up watching a mini-marathon of another show on animal planet called River Monsters. Unlike the aforementioned MONSTERQUEST, this show delivers its River Monsters.

Click for pics. Raaargh!

So, for three hours, I happily munched pretzels, read a bit during commercials, and watched river monsters. The host, Jeremy Wade, has a soothing British accent (I’ll admit it, all right, I’m a sucker for a British accent), a dry wit, and you get to see big scary fish that might bite you really hard. I was loving life until I realized the dirty, awful trick that had been played on me.

It wasn’t until the third hour and my last pretzel that I realized that I was watching a fishing show. A fishing show! I’ve been duped! No, really. The show starts with a bit on background and local lore about the giant monster fish, and you see some caught at the end, but the bulk of the show was watching Jeremy politely cast about, talk about his gear, and stand in a boat or on the shore and fish.

Gah! I don’t know what to do, to be honest. I’d always swore that I’d never watch fishing on TV. It’s so not Bostonian, you know? Or Quebecian. Or something. I think I need to spend some time by myself and re-evaluate my priorities and my life in general….


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