Harlequin and the Train: horror novella. It lives!

(For blurbs and a more detailed description of the limited edition book, go to my livejournal or to the teaser site, youarenotrudy.)

Hard copies of The Harlequin and the Train have arrived.  Cue the not-so-fancy photos.

Front and Back Covers

Front and Back Covers

Interior cover and title page

Interior cover and title page

–Back and front cover.  All of the design performed by Nick Curtis.

–Cool design work, here.  The left is not a page, but the interior cover.  Blurbs taped over a multiplication table you might find in a composition notebook.  Title page has a nice splash of yellow, too.

Back cover interior

Back cover interior

–Back cover interior has printing as well.  Grammar facts inlaid with my bio.

Hilighting instructions!

Highlighting instructions!--



–Page of instructions.  The reader is to highlight the grey text as they read.  Highlighter shown not included with purchase of book.  Sorry.  And there is a point to the exercise, I promise!

–Here’s the first page before highlighting.



–After highlighting.  Not every page of the 155 needs this level of highlighting (there are many pages where you won’t be highlighting at all).  But like I said, there’s a point to the highlighter.  I promise it’ll be a fulfilling if not disturbing experience.

This is a limited edition book, only (only!) 400 copies printed, but Necropolitan Press will make the novella available for free digital viewing (not downloading) within the next couple of days as well.

Happy highlighting!



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2 responses to “Harlequin and the Train: horror novella. It lives!

  1. I wants me copy! I wants me copy! It’s looking good from here!

  2. thelittlesleep

    Er, I think you can have a copy, Jeff…

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