Recent Reads, Quick reviews

–China Mieville’s The City & The City:   This highly imagined police-procedural-cum-Brazil (the movie, not the country) might be China’s best novel, which is saying something.  The conceit of ancient city’s having split pre-history, with Beszel and Ul Qoma residents unable to move between cities freely (without even being able to see the other city) without incurring swift and mysterious punishment by the shadowy force of Breach is pure fiction genius.  The cities themselves are as damaged, complex, and wonderfully flawed characters as you’ll find in contemporary fiction.

–Denis Johnson’s Nobody Move:  Quick, funny, sexy, and nasty, and any other -ty you want to ad.  Folks double-crossed and triple-crossed, and written within an inch of its life.

–Nick Antosca’s Midnight Picnic: This odd little novel opens with an accidental maiming of a dog and quickly descends into a dark, eerie, and effective ghost story, chock full of strange characters.

Best American Comics 2008:  Features a wide range of styles and subjects.  Great stuff, and reading good comics always depresses me because I can’t draw and I want to.  Yeah,  it’s always about me…


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