The age theory of 11

This is why you should fear 11.

Whoops, wrong number and movie. But seriously, 11 is a tough number.

With 30 staring you in the face, the first age you even remotely sense the cold finger of mortality is 29, and 2 plus 9 is 11 for the slower among you. Today, I’m 38. Gah, 38. I was 16 when my parents were 38! And 38 is an 11 year. It means I’m closer to 40 than 35. It’s the beginning of my preoccupation with 40. *shakes old man fist*. Projecting forward, 47 doesn’t look so hot, neither does 56. 56 is especially bad because you’re now closer to 60 than 50. 65 is clearly a milestone year of oldness, with it being the offical retirement age. Past that, 74, 83, 92, you’re just happy to be alive and possibly in possession of your own teeth. I do have my own teeth.

So 38, yeah, I’ve been kind of age-obsessed lately. I think part of it is that both my parents turn 60 this year.

Anyway, as usual. I accept gifts. Fun LJ icons are always nice. 😉

For your birthday video entertainment:

I can’t find the English version. German will have to do:


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