Readercon Schedule

Readercon is this week!  Hard to believe it’s here already, but I’m very excited to see old friends and new.

Thursday, July 9th *note, the con is free to the public on Thursday night only*

Reading, 9:30pm:  I’ll be doing an ADD reading.  Ten-ish minutes of The Little Sleep, ten-ish minutes of The Harlequin & the Train, and the first chapter of No Sleep till Wonderland.

Saturday, July 11th

10:00 AM, RI: Panel

Short Horror Fiction: The State of the Art (and Market) Today.  Laird
Barron, Jeanne Cavelos, Ellen Datlow, Adam Golaski (L), Paul Tremblay

Traditionally young genre writers have earned their spurs with short
fiction. Where does a novice horror writer get their start?

11:00 AM, Salon A: Panel

The Killers Inside Us.  Mike Allen, Nick Antosca, Elizabeth Hand (L),
Barry B. Longyear, Paul Tremblay

[Greatest Hit from Readercon 11.]  There is no obvious division between
normality and horrific psychopathology (a thought that occurred to us long
before Littleton [Columbine], by the way). How have writers exploited this
fact? What’s it like to read a text that reminds you that you exist on a
continuum with the monster?

Sunday, July 12th

11:00 am, The Shirley Jackon Awards ceremony.


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