Dark Scribe Reviews H&T

And an in depth, positive review it is.  Oh, and it’s goin’ on the fridge.

Indeed, Tremblay has positioned himself as something of a virtuoso when it comes to the intricate, interactive narrative format – as also evidenced by last year’s sublime “The Blog at the End of the World” (winner of DSM’s Black Quill Award for short fiction)…. Tremblay has been establishing himself over the past several years as one of an up-and-coming crop of genre writers bringing the literary back into dark genre literature, one of whom challenges readers without losing entertainment value and one who entertains without dumbing the challenge down. The Harlequin & the Train is a heady trip down a surrealistic railway, making station stops at terror, paranoia, heartbreak, and – ultimately – truth.”–Vince A. Liaguno


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