Readercon Sunday

Riveting stuff, I know, but I gotta finish what I started…

Up early again for breakfast with Laird. Jeffrey Ford joined us and he loaded me up with some good mystery-book-promoting/publishing advice while I loaded up on eggs and sausage. Feed a fever?

Next up was the Shirley Jackson Awards ceremony.  I really can’t say enough about how much work and the quality of the work JoAnn Cox puts into the awards and the ceremony.  Everything ran as smooth as could be.  Liz Hand was perfect as as MC.  We had a big crowd, including many of the nominees.  The first winner was Michael Bishop for his fine short story “The Pile,” and his acceptance speech and poem read about his son Jamie was touching, crushingly sad, and poignant.

Post-ceremony, the day was spent saying goodbye too soon while haunting the dealers room and hotel hallways.

Those left out of the timeline: It was also great seeing/meeting (in no particular order) Livia Llewellyn, Vylar Kaftan, Tempest Bradford, Geoffrey Goodwin, Jedidiah Berry, Matthew Kressel, Evil Dave, Devin Poore, Paul Berger, Kristen Janz, Mike and Anita Allen, Sean Wallace, Neil Clarke (thanks for giving me book space, Neil!), Beth Bernobich,   S. C. Butler, James Cambias, Matt Cheney, Leah Bobet, and the rest of yas.

Those who were missed: Nathan Ballingrud, Hannah Bowen, Nick Kaufmann, Carrie Laben, John Langan, Sarah Langan, Nick Mamatas, Kathy Sedia, need to get their butts back to readercon next year!  Says me!

Bonus-con.  Laird came back to my house and we had some post-con bbq with the family.  Rascal quickly succumbed to Laird’s dog-charm and Laird learned the magic and wonder of the nana bed.  I need to keep of list of people who’ve stayed there and then compare it to the Lincoln bedroom.

Thanks for another great readercon weekend, everyone!


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