Contest: Win personalized copies of H&T and TLS

The Prize: One winner gets a personalized copy of my limited edition novella, The Harlequin and the Train, a yellow highlighter, and a personalized copy of my first novel, The Little Sleep.

Contest rules:

–You email me (p nuke 33 at comcast dot net) the answers to 6 questions. In addition, you post your guess to the bonus question within the comments of this thread. If multiple people get all six questions correct (um, which shouldn’t be hard, I’m not trying to stump folks!), then I draw the winner randomly from the pool of people who answered correctly. Please note: the bonus question is just for fun! You getting it wrong has no bearing on the contest winner.
–You need to use the free digital view of the novella at to answer the questions.

The Questions:

1) (use pg 83) What animal is in the middle of the road?
2) (use pg 16) What group did Jenny quit because she wouldn’t pee in the woods?
3) (use pg 45) What’s the highest coin batting average?
4) (use pg 127) What number is not crossed out?
5) (use pg 102) How many items are allowed in the changing room?
6) (use pgs 134/135) Who poisoned the soil with Nerf?

Bonus question: Please guess how many of the 36,000 words did that pain in the ass Tremblay require the reader to highlight yellow?

Contest will be open for a week, and I’ll announce the winner next Monday.  Good luck!


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