Livejournal Summer update: Jellies, hate for no sympathy, and more!

–Proof of the creepiness of Jellyfish

–Random stuff makes a post

–Charles Tan reviews The Art of Fiction by John Gardner

–Have we reached the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” phase yet?

–Can’t believe we fell for it

–Rue Morgue reviews H&T

–Life imitating something

–Baseball nerd back from a weekend in the woods

–Daryl Gregory’s The Devil’s Alphabet

New blurb and assorted stuff

(Which features the following rant–with a follow up discussion in the comments:

“To finish, a moment of hate: People who say stuff like “I didn’t like the story/movie/book because the main character wasn’t sympathetic. I didn’t like her/him.”

Boo frickin’ hoo. This strips my nerves on two levels: for one it’s insultingly reductive, as if the only stories worth telling are about ‘nice’ people (‘nice’ people translation: people who act and look just like you do). Level two: empathy is different, and certainly more sophisticated than sympathy. Empathy is the want to understand why the people around us (many of whom on the surface may seem unsavory) make the choices they make. Empathy is what makes some of us human. Sympathy, more times than not, is rooting for the home team. Robot says so.”

–Nick Kaufmann’s Monster in the Closet essay


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