More Purgatory…with zombies

Another trip to the chasm.  Excitement abounds!

All right.  Check out the size of this hole.  Mary is there for some scale, but the hole looks even smaller, and tighter, in person.

small hole

Then zombies came crawling out of the ground.

dead rises

Didn’t get the kid’s name, but he and some of his buddies started at a different opening 30 or so feet away, and emerged from there ten minutes later, muddy, scratched up, and saying it wasn’t the most difficult cave in the place.   I would never, *never*, go into a space that tight voluntarily.  Man, my chest tightens just thinking about it.

Other pics.


They’re way down there.  And then I fell but managed to take an action shot of myself while plummeting.


Like a cat, I landed on my feet.  I was never worried, as is clearly shown in the picture.

Lastly, was sliding rock, with the dynamic duo on top.  You’re supposed to climb it, then slide down on your backside.   I tried it once but it made my bum too hot.  (hey now!)

sliding rock


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