Paranormal Activity: I saw it and lived!

I caught a 11:55 am screening of the movie with family folk: Mary and Debbie. They knew very little about the movie, only that “everyone said is was really scary.” I have to admit, I’d worked myself up in preparation for this flick, seeing as I first read about it on Lucius Shepard’s blog more than a year ago. I scare easily, and endeavored to combat scaring easily. Seeing the movie at 11:55 am on a sunny day seemed like step one to managing da fear. The three of us also spent time chanting “It’s only a movie” pre-movie as well.

What didn’t help was the 15 year-old ticket taker saying that for last night’s midnight viewing “grown men” were leaving the movie shaking and not going back to see the end. She made us promise that we’d stay for the whole thing. Seeing as neither Mary, Debbie, or myself were grown men, we felt up to the challenge.

Without going spoilery on you folks, I really enjoyed the flick. Was I pooping my pants scared? No. But. But. But. I have to admit I didn’t allow myself to fully submerse myself into the movie world, okay? When my anxiety level rose, I looked at my watch, or laughed a little, or checked on my fellow movie goers, and all was well. Wasn’t it? Mostly. And okay, I was pretty creeped out for a while, and one scene gave me a literal shiver, which was pretty darn cool.

Standard movie comments: The acting was good. The actress who played Katie was particularly good. The psychic was Adam West-light. The characters of Micah and Katie, even when not making the best decisions, were believable as well. Like, Micah was an obnoxious, macho tool for much of the time, but totally believable.

I do wish I hadn’t read so much about the flick, or even seen the trailer which gives too much away. I’ll be interested to see the non-speilberged ending at some point too.

And now, now I have to go into my dark basement to flip the laundry, and even after the horror of the Red Sox and Patriots games of this afternoon, I find myself thinking of the movie and that dark hallway next to their bedroom, the dark hallway the movie let you stare at for a long time, and for much of that time nothing happened, but you knew something would, and those scenes with scares and tension built with absolutely nothing happening anywhere on screen, yeah, that was good stuff. Maybe not so good now, though, with the laundry in the basement, which can probably wait until morning, now, me thinks.


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