If I were to narcissistically get a paragraph tatooed to my chest…

…it would be the following from Kent Allard’s blog review of The Little Sleep:

Some readers of mysteries want the written version of a CLUE game, where a dogged, brilliant investigator unravels clues until everything is revealed. These readers may not find The Little Sleep to their liking. The book is far more about Genevich’s struggle to make it through his disability than about Miss Marple figuring out who killed the vicar in the cloakroom.

Yeah!  Down with Miss Marple!

Somewhat related…my father used to work for Parker Brothers, before the soulless corporate whores of Hasbro bought out the company and shut down the plant in Salem, MA, and when CLUE the movie came out, we got to see an early, free screening.  One with multiple endings.  I don’t remember much of the flick, but I remember the butler, Tim Curry.



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