MT Anderson’s FEED

So I’m a little late in reading this incredible book.  Cut me some slack.  I’ve been busy.

Feed is a satirical/dystopian novel, where all folks have feeds implanted in their brains, so they can chat and watch TV and most importantly get commercials and updates on their favorite products, and order them from inside their head as well.   I love that Anderson’s anti-consumerism message is so loud as to not be missed, but subtle enough that you the societal and individual consequences of the feed implant are surprising and creepy as hell.

The real triumph of this book is his narrator Titus.  Titus is vapid, shallow, superficial, but compelling.  Titus’s character and voice is the product of the culture, and while he’s generally a deplorable person, particularly to Violet (a girl who didn’t get a feed until later in life, and isn’t afraid to ask questions about what is happening around her) , we do feel empathy for him, for what he has become.   Couldn’t have liked this book more.

A personal aside:  After finishing a book, I tend to go to amazon and read reviews for a larf.  Yes, a larf.  It’s odd, but I think I get more lathered-up-angry at negative reviews of books that I didn’t write, than my own.  Not that FEED got many negative reviews, but the ones it did get were so miss-the-point-stupid, with complaints about Titus not being likable.  Really, people, I swear, if you use “the character wasn’t likable” as a criticism of fiction, I’m going to put you on my must-kick-them-in-the-shins list.


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