2009 New England Crime Bake!

My first crime convention was this weekend.   The New England Crime Bake was in Dedham, MA, which is even closer to my house than Readercon.  Which is nice.

I spent most of Saturday afternoon chatting with Jedediah Berry and Dave Zeltserman, both extremely talented writers that you all should read.  We survived the mystery of the box lunches and eventually headed to a panel.

F is for Fear, which, to be honest, was a little underwhelming.  But it could be that I’m a horror snob and having spent many an hour discussing horror with friends and foes alike, I was left thinking the ‘fear’ discussed in the panel didn’t dig deep enough; felt like a discussion of ‘safe’ fear.  Regardless, I sally forthed and heard a real PI give a spiel about what it is he really does.  Very entertaining.

Post-paneling it was cocktails and dinner with Jedediah*,

*it occurred to me that Jedediah and I were very much like the Bake’s version of Readercon’s The Canadians.*

Dana Cameron, Margery Flax (she essentially runs MWA with a fist of iron!  And she was one of the nicest, most friendly people I met this weekend), Toni Kelner and her husband Steve, Peg Patten (owner of Front Street Book Shop), Eileen Foster Keck, and one other person whose name I can’t remember (sorry!).   We had a lovely time, even as dinner theater was foisted upon us unsuspectingly.  We did not figure out the mystery, but were made to sign a song.   Me singing in front of people: oh the humanity.

Sunday morning featured ‘breakfast with the authors’.  The panelist authors hosted tables and a few people came by my table to talk The Little Sleep which was very nice.   Then at 10Am, was my panel “U is for Unconventional,” other panelists included fellow Canadian Jedediah, Francie Lin, and Lynne Griffin, and moderator Pat Remick.  The panel was very well attended, and Pat did a great job moderating us unconventional folks.

After that was a signing and by that time, the crime was thoroughly baked, as it were.  Thanks again to Pat and the con committee for the invite!


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