Phantom: Now available!

Phantom, the anthology of literary horror is finally available at amazon and Barnes and Nobles and the like.


Ghosts, disaffected wives, deserted towns, obsessive journalists and children who never existed haunt the pages of this stunning, elegant and frightful anthology of “literary horror” assembled by Stoker nominee Tremblay and World Fantasy Award–winning Wallace (Bandersnatch)… deliciously creepy book of horrors that prove all the more terrifying for their everyday nature.”–Publisher’s Weekly

“Tremblay and Wallace have put together an oustanding anthology that truly examines the dark corners of the human experience and asks, ‘What’s next?’ Haunting, provocative and immensely enjoyable.”–Brian Keene

“Literary Horror is by definition personal horror.  As the introduction points out, it asks the question, ‘How does anyone live through this?’  Phantom attempts to answer in a kaleidoscope of ways, blending stylistic experimentation and surreal subject matter with solid storytelling by established authors and newcomers alike.”–Poppy Z. Brite

“A mosaic replete with frightful and hypnogogic imagery.  Phantom is the physical artifact of the weird and horrific dreams of fourteen febrile visions aligned in cryptic symmetry.”–Laird Barron


Introduction (Literary Horror: Dude you made that up!), Paul Tremblay

The Cabinet Child, by Steve Rasnic Tem

The End of Everything, by Steve Eller

A Ghost, A House, by Becca De La Rossa

The Ones Who Got Away, by Stephen Graham Jones

After Images, by Karen Heuler

The Ladder of St. Augustine, by Seth Lindberg

What President Polk Said, by Vylar Kaftan

Kinder, by Steve Berman

Set Down This, by Lavie Tidhar

A Stain on the Stone, by Nick Mamatas

Mr. Wosslynne, by Michael Cisco

Jonquils Bloom, by Geoffrey H. Goodwin

Invasive Species, by Carrie Laben

She Hears Music Up Above, by F. Brett Cox



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  1. Yeah that’s what I’m talking about babin–yce work!

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