Chew and Lovecraft Unbound

Chew Volume One: Tasters Choice (John Layman and Rob Guillory) collects the comic’s issues 1-5.  Tony Chu is a cibopathic detective, which means that he gets psychic vibes from whatever he eats (except for beets…blucky, beets).  Yes, Tony eats horrible things and the gross out get played, but not overplayed and used in step with the plot, which delights in going all over the place.  Really fun and clever stuff that manages to be funny, brutal, and yeah, suspenseful at times too.  Looking forward to the next cycle of CHEW comics.

Lovecraft Unbound edited by Ellen Datlow is an excellent original anthology of stories inspired by (not necessarily set in) Lovecraft’s mythos.  I’ve read H. P., of course, but never really enjoyed him, to be honest.  I can appreciate the themes and the abounding cosmic horror, but man, I just can’t get past his writing style (me being a style monkey and all).  However, I have found that I rather enjoy other people doing Lovecraftian fiction.  Standouts from the antho include “The Office of Doom” by Richard Bowes (and everything I’ve read from Richard recently has totally kicked my ass) featuring great, witty, and weird first person account of NYC University librarian.  “Cold Water Survival” by Holly Phillips is about an expedition on a floating/crumbling iceberg, “Machines of Concrete Light and Dark” by Michael Cisco with the cosmic horror being supplied by a machine running on collective consciousness (or unconsciousness), “Leng” by Marc Laidlaw with fungal gods in Tibet.  The stories from Brian Evenson, Michael Chabon, Joyce Carol Oates, Laird Barron, and Nick Mamatas were excellent as well.  A very impressive original fiction anthology.


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  1. Rick Bowes

    Why thank you, Paul! Hope all is going well for you.

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