Attack of the 90s music!

With the end of the 2000-2009 decade, it of course makes sense to suddenly dip into the indie tunes of the 90s, right? I can’t full explain the wave of nostalgia on my part, though I suspect I do this (this being in a hurry to look back) at the end of every year.

Or I could blame Jawbox.  They just released a remixed For Your Own Special Sweetheart.  Looking forward to hearing what they do on the remix.  The vocals level on the original certainly needed improvement.  Watch the Jimmy Fallon show performance of “Savory.”

–On December 30th, I’m going to see Clutch at the House of Blues. Clutch is playing their second album (eponymously titled, Clutch, 1995) from start to finish. That album more than any other reminds me of the mid-to-late 90s.  So excited!

–Don’t know how these dots get connected, but been obsessed with playing PJ Harvey on my git lately. Can’t play much, but I can play “Me Jane.”

–Living Colour has a new album out.   And it’s pretty darned good.  The Chair in the Doorway. “Young Man” and “Behind the Sun” are highlights, as are some of the heavier tunes.   Still miss bassist Muzz Skillings, as I think he brought more a funk vibe than a the rock/prog rock vibe that Doug Wimbush brings.  Small complaint.  Enjoy an early 90s vid of “Elvis is Dead.”


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