Obligatory end-o-2009, holy-hamsandwich-it’s-2010 post, and my steroid scandal apology, finally

Last night it kind of just ran over me that it’s 2010.   I mean, I usually don’t wax nostalgic (or wax on, or wax off for that matter) at the end of years, but 2010?  Man.  Seems like yesterday that I was listening to Bad Religion’s “Ten in 2010” (“fifteen years we’ll think of a solution…”)  And it was only ten years ago I was stocking up on water for y2K.  I drank all those old jugs  yesterday in celebration.  Today I’ve been peeing a lot.

Suffice to say, my life has changed quite a bit in ten years.  A dog, two kids, an extra kidney, some surprising success as a writer (given the crap I was writing in 1999),  a World Series victory by the Red Sox (I helped by sitting next to the luck puppy), and my two bram stoker nominations that were eventually tarnished (in the view of some) because of an overblown steroid scandal.   But the less said the better about the petty jealousies of Nick Kaufmann and his team of investigators who dug through my trash and found my asthma inhalers (inhalers, Kaufamann!) and flackseed oil that I didn’t know were steroids and only used on my magically nimble keyboard fingers to recover.

Let’s get to 2009, shall we?  Career-wise for me it was a nerve-wracking and exciting year with The Little Sleep (you’ve heard of that book, right?) coming out.  TLS afforded me some pretty cool opportunities (including a trip to LA) and I met a whole slew of talented writers this year, too.

I did manage to publish some other cute little critters.

Novel: The Little Sleep

Novella: The Harlequin and the Train

Anthology: Phantom (co-editor with Sean Wallace)

Short story: “Headstone in Your Pocket” (Weird Tales)

Here’s  hoping for continued success in 2010, for everyone.  Even Kaufmann.


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