Box o’ Wonderland and a Zeltserman blurb

So yeah, No Sleep till Wonderland hits February 2nd, and I’ll try to keep the obnoxious spam posts to a minimum level of obnoxiousness.

–For those on twitter, I’m posting one line from the new book per day until the book comes out.  You can search #markgenevich to see them all.

–Very cool words from the talented Dave Zeltserman:

“Like The Little Sleep, this one plays it straight. There’s no gimmickry with Genevich’s narcolepsy, and there’s no condescension with his character. The writing sings with all these wonderful weird free associations. As much as I liked The Little Sleep, I liked No Sleep till Wonderland even more. Nobody right now is writing more original or better PI novels than Tremblay.” —Dave Zeltserman, author of Pariah and Killer

My box o’ wonderland books arrived on Friday.  Make with the pretty picture!


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