No Sleep Till Wonderland: Interview, Crider, Kingdom Books, Contest

8 days until the No Sleep till Wonderland release.  Can you stand it?  In the meantime…

–Award winning author Tom Piccirilli interviews me over at The Big Adios.

–Author Bill Crider posts his review: “There’s no detective out there like Mark Genevich, and if you’re looking for something different and darkly funny, you should check out Tremblay’s books ASAP.”

–Beth Kanell from Kingdom Books posted an in-depth review (and one, clearly, I like very much!):

Dave and I heard from a very established mystery author that book two in any series is often the toughest: The first book has been in the author’s hands for years, being massaged and coaxed into its finest possible condition, and often revised to rise up over the barriers to publication. The second book, though, is often written under intense time pressure to meet a contract or other expectation, and sometimes that hurry-hurry shows in the pages.

But not this time. NO SLEEP TILL WONDERLAND is smoothly written, layered with dark humor and fresh situations, and loaded with wonderful language.

–Lastly (lastly for today anyway), a draw-Mark-Genevich contest for members of the Keenedom.  Membership is free, btw.  Prizes include personalized copies of No Sleep till Wonderland, Phantom, and a 6 CD audiobook of The Little Sleep.


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