No Sleep till Wonderland now available

Waking up to no heat on my first floor and still being screwed by amazon hasn’t dampened the joy of a new-book-release day.  There’s a big acknowledgement page in the back of the book, but special thanks goes to those folks who helped me with the writing of this book in some form: Sarah Knight, Stephen Barbara, Kurt Dinan, Steve Eller, and the biggest of thanks to my editor Helen Atsma.  While I worked my ass off on this book (it was much harder to write than The Little Sleep), Helen’s help andguidance made all the difference.   

NSTW is available in stores and online retailers (except for Amazon, of course) everywhere:  B&N, BBC Audiobooks America, Booksamillion, Borders, IndieBound, Powell’s

Mark Genevich, narcoleptic detective, is caught between friends and a police investigation in this offbeat and compulsively readable mystery.

Mark Genevich is stuck in a rut: his narcolepsy isn’t improving, his private-detective business is barely scraping by, and his landlord mother is forcing him to attend group therapy sessions. Desperate for companionship, Mark goes on a two-day bender with a new acquaintance, Gus, who is slick and charismatic—and someone Mark knows very little about. When Gus asks Mark to protect a friend who is being stalked, Mark inexplicably finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation and soon becomes the target of the police, a sue-happy lawyer, and a violent local bouncer. Will Mark learn to trust himself in time to solve the crime—and in time to escape with his life?

 Written with the same “witty voice that doesn’t let go”* that has won Paul Tremblay so many fans, No Sleep Till Wonderland features a memorable detective whose only hope for reconciling with his difficult past is to keep moving—asleep or awake—toward an uncertain future.

 *Library Journal, starred review for The Little Sleep 



“Like The Little Sleep, this one plays it straight. There’s no gimmickry with Genevich’s narcolepsy,, and there’s no condescension with his character. The writing sings with all these wonderful weird free associations. As much as I liked The Little Sleep, I liked No Sleep till Wonderland even more. Nobody right now is writing more original or better PI novels than Tremblay.” –Dave Zeltserman, author of Pariah and Killer

 “the clever writing will keep readers turning the pages.”—Publisher’s Weekly

 “Paul Tremblay somehow manages to channel Franz Kafka, write like Raymond Chandler, and whip up a completely original, utterly whack-a-doodle reinvention of the detective novel. This book rocks.”–Mark Haskell Smith, author of Salty and Moist

 “No Sleep till Wonderland delivers on the tremendous promise of The Little Sleep, simultaneously paying homage to classic noir fiction while creating a damaged and irrevocably lost anti-hero in PI Mark Genevich, who is always on the verge of emotional and physical collapse. This is a novel filled with black humor but an even blacker subtext that makes the reader question the nature of reality and self; heady stuff for a crime novel, for sure, but Paul Tremblay is a fearless writer and No Sleep till Wonderland is positively magnetic fiction.”—Tod Goldberg, author of Other Resort Cities and Simplify

“Snappy prose, a brilliantly original detective and a cast of sharply drawn low lifes—Paul Tremblay mixes it up with style. In the end, No Sleep till Wonderland is much more than just a crime book—it’s all about the narrator’s unique take on the world. Thoroughly recommended.”—Simon Lewis, author of Bad Traffic 


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