Release week so far…

Naomi Johnson reviews NSTW at The Drowning Machine: “Although I thoroughly enjoyed the first Genevich story, The Little Sleep, I wasn’t sure that the narcoleptic detective would be as convincing in a second book. No worries. This second book is even better, with more weight and a tighter plot.”

*Plus you get a bonus of my father (Paul N. Tremblay) leaving an embarrassing comment at the end of the thread.  Thanks, Pops.*

Author Nick Antosca (Midnight Picnic) interview me about sleep at HTML Giant: “Against my will, I once went 40 hours without sleeping and it wasn’t pretty.  Or I wasn’t pretty.  Toward the end I was stuck in a tiny airport in St. Thomas, sitting in a chair, twitching and flailing in and out of sleep.   I woke up on a bus with a stranger sitting on my lap and the bus was going to a hotel I didn’t know existed.”

My books (along with so many other author’s books) still aren’t listed at amazon.  Two uber-bloggers/reviewers kindly made a show of support for my book.  Thank you, Charles and Matthew:

Matthew Cheney’s Mumpsimus: Help Paul Tremblay the publication of his second novel by buying it from somewhere other than Amazon

Charles Tan’s Bibliophile Stalker: Books that Amazon is missing out on


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