Stuff (Spring Break edition) plus Phantom at Largehearted Boy, NSTW at The Cult (Palahniuk), dance

–My spring break starts tomorrow at 12:00 pm.  At 12:01 I’ll be listening to Lionel Richie and will dance on the ceiling.  Oh what a feeling.

–I’ve already seen both movies, but I bought copies of Pontypool and The Big Lebowski so I can keep their dvd goodness close to me.

–Looking forward to starting Megan Abbot’s Bury Me Deep.

–Emma says “I eat (chips) so I can stay alive.”

–I’ll admit that I still watch and love Survivor.  Boston Rob is fantastic.  Coach is my favorite all-time tool/crazy person.  It ain’t even close.

–The authors of PHANTOM put together a cool book notes essay at the uber-cool Largehearted Boy blog.  Go read about literary horror stories and music.  One of them chose the immortal Madeline Khan’s “I’m Tired.”

Phantom is a literary horror fiction anthology that collects 14 fascinating short stories. Other than Nick Mamatas and Stephen Graham Jones, these authors were all new to me, and I was impressed by every story in the collection. Thanks to Paul G. Tremblay and Sean Wallace for expanding my literary worldview, and for helping spread the word that horror is much more than vampires, werewolves, and zombies.

No Sleep Till Wonderland gets a mighty cool review from Joshua Chaplinsky over at Chuck Palahniuk’s site, The Cult.  Joshua hadn’t read The Little Sleep so his take on the book is as a complete stand alone.  Which is how I tried to write the book.

Despite a nice recap of past exploits for the newcomers, allusions to Mark’s personal history are vague. Almost as if an important piece of information were missing. Fortunately, as the mystery unfurls- the mystery of who Mark is, not just the machinations of the plot- all pertinent questions are answered.

–Future of the Left.  I’m kind of obsessed with them right now.  Dance, suckas.


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