TOC and final cover for IN THE MEAN TIME

Release date is October 15th, 2010. Up for pre-order at amazon. I give you, the final cover!

A history teacher begins his unorthodox senior course with clips from an ominous surveillance video, causing a student’s home life to deteriorate along with the lessons. A girl with a second head that changes into different historical and fictional identities tries to find her father while figuring out how to handle Mom and the book club. A blog documents society’s slow, unexplained, but inexorable end, or is it only a collection of pixel-sized paranoia? A once-awkward teen holes up in a kiddie-themed amusement park after the end of the world, and schemes to take Cinderella’s Castle by force. This collection by Paul G. Tremblay (author of THE LITTLE SLEEP and NO SLEEP TILL WONDERLAND) features fifteen stories of fear and paranoia, stories of apocalypses both societal and personal, and stories of longing and coping.


—The Teacher (Chizine, 2007)

—The Two-Headed Girl (Interzone and, 2008)

—The Strange Case of Nicholas Thomas: An Excerpt from A History of the Longesian Library (Lenox Avenue, 2004)

—Feeding the Machine (Phantom Magazine, 2006)

—Figure 5 (Weird Tales, 2007)

—Growing Things

—Harold the Spider Man

—Rhymes with Jew (Jigsaw Nation, 2006)

—The Marlborough Man Meets the End (LitHaven, 2005)

—The Blog at the End of the World (Chizine, 2008)

—The People Who Live Near Me

—There’s No Light Between Floors (Clarkesworld, 2007)

—Headstones in Your Pocket (Weird Tales, 2009)

—It’s Against the Law to Feed the Ducks (Fantasy Magaine, 2006)

—We Will Never Live in the Castle


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