Too Close to Home (or oh look, local hateful crazies on such a nice day)

Earlier today on my facebook I posted a Lewis Black video which makes fun of Glenn Beck’s idiocy. I know, a wide net there, but more specifically, his proclivity to call all things opposed to him (even empathy?) Nazi.  Yes, it’s funny, laugh at the crazy person, ha ha ha.

But, it seems a whole lot less funny when confronted with it.  Case in point:

This afternoon, I went to the post office in Sharon, MA. Pulled up and parked on the street right in front. Well, not exactly right in front because in front there was a small card table manned by two college students (I’m age-guessing here). The front sign read “Pull over to impeach Obama.” Whatever, right? I used to see “impeach Bush” tables in Boston all the time. Heck, I signed a few of those petitions myself. But.

On the side of the table was this poster:

I had my daughter with me (who has been sick for three days, and is only now starting to feel a little better). I walked by and lobbed: “That is so incredibly offensive” as I went inside to mail the packages. In the post office, the initial gotcha shock of seeing that poster quickly wore  off, and I thought about that poster with that mustache and (not that locale makes it any better or worse) being in Sharon, where there is a huge orthodox Jewish population.  I thought about seeing that poster not on a suddenly not-s0-campy Fox news show or on the internet somewhere, but seeing it out in front of the flipping post office on a bright blue innocuous spring day.

When I got outside, I put my daughter in the car and walked back to the table. I said, “I know there can be political differences of opinion, but putting a Hitler mustache on Obama is a little much, don’t you think?” The guy I tried talking to ignored me, wouldn’t look at me, looked off down the street, eating a sleeve of Ritz crackers (yeah, huh?).

So right there, I lost it a little. I got loud. I told him that if my kid wasn’t in the car waiting for me, I’d take that poster and stuff it down his throat. I didn’t use nice or polite language. Then I invited him and his helper to get in the phone picture of the poster I took. I told them that I’d never taken a picture, purposefully, of racists before. Still no response. I took my picture, fuming with frustration, anger, and yeah, hate, and got in my car and drove away. I felt a little shaky as I generally don’t go around verbally threatening other presumed adults.

Part of me is a little freaked out with how angry I got. Most of me doesn’t care and wishes ill to those kids and to everyone involved in the making and displaying of that ignorant, hateful poster.



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6 responses to “Too Close to Home (or oh look, local hateful crazies on such a nice day)

  1. The depth of ignorance in this country plummets to new depths everyday.

  2. What a poorly constructed sentence I wrote. But you know what I meant.

  3. patricia Boyden

    We have had the same kooks at the Canton, MA post office. I can’t stand nor fathom the depths of ignorance from which the crap materializes…I could go on and on, but thanks for putting this out there.

  4. patricia Boyden

    Oh brother, I realize I plagiarized Naomi’s words…time for my afternoon caffeine…the point is, I wholeheartedly agree with you!

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