Limited Edition hardcover of In the Mean Time up for pre-order

Chizine Publications make limited edition hardcovers available. While The trade paper (and ebook) of Mean Time will be available Oct. 15th at amazon, some Barnes and Nobles, and other independent stores of good taste, the hardcover (limited to 150 copies) will only be available online and through the HORROR MALL.  Muhahahaha!

Linky to pre-order at the Horror Mall

Linky to the fancy author/editor blurby endorsements of Mean Time!

So why splurge on the limited?

–Limited hardcovers are sexy

–Admit it, you’ve always wanted to shop at the horror mall

–Included with the regular TOC in the limited hardcover and only in the limited hardcover will you get the following extras!

1) An original, previously unpublished story will be printed on the front/back covers of the HC. It was written just so that it would, you know, be at home on the cover.

2) The HC will have “Chance the Dick,” which is an experimental story I wrote before writing my novel The Little Sleep. While the story uses different characters than my Sleep novels (no Mark Genevich, here), the story riffs on the woman-with-the-missing-fingers image that eventually became The Little Sleep and Mark Genevich’s show.

–“The Dilky Never Landed” was previously published in Jeffrey Thomas’s Punktown: Third Eye anthology. The anthology features other writers working in Jeffrey’s Punktown universe. I had a lot of fun with my Choom PI working those mean streets of Paxton.

–“King Bee” was previously published in The Dean Inn (Delirium Books, 2001) anthology.  This is the first story that I ever sold, and I’m sure it reads like it’s the first story I ever sold. There’s good energy and enthusiasm to the piece, but ugh, the writing. I’ve resisted the temptation of rewriting the whole thing and left it as is: a snapshot of the writer I was ten years ago.


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