Are you ready for the Summer?

Well, my academic year is over until after labor day. My kids don’t get out of school for a few more days, so here I am, with nothing to do but spew on my blog

–1.5 days into my vacation, and I’ve already watched two movies.

JAWS: I wasn’t intending to watch JAWS, but while sitting on my couch, eating Rice Crispies, and flipping through channels, I happened across it, and I can’t NOT watch Jaws when it’s on. Sure there’s iconic shark fun, but it’s Dryfuss and Shaw who make the movie so re-watchable. Still can’t watch Quint get bit in half, though. The 11 year old who first saw Jaws is still scarred by it.

SPLICE: I enjoyed the heck out of it. Smart, and its twisted yet authentic emotional core is surprisingly effective.  The director and actors do a nice job with balancing some camp with the more serious issues at hand. And lastly, I like that the creature, Dren, was treated as a character, one that is as recognizable as she was unknowable.

Other summer plans include:

–I will learn how to play a vuvuzela.

–I will figure out a way to get Rascal’s new dog license on his collar. That’ll take me at least a day.

Readercon! I haven’t decided if there will be mafia. If there is, let me be clear, that I am, as always, a villager.

–I’m looking forward to new novels from China Mieville, Aimee Bender, and Julie Orringer.

–I am not looking forward to mowing my yard of weeds, mainly because I’m incredibly lazy.

–I will not better myself in any way this summer. In fact, I plan on getting worse.

I would write more but I’m going to go outside now, wearing only what would be best described as left-to-your-fertile-imagination, sit in a sweaty, sticky lounge chair that’ll stick to the back of my legs and the backs of other things, and drink a pitcher of virgin pina coladas.



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One response to “Are you ready for the Summer?

  1. patrice

    Happy Summer!!! Hey, did you invent those Silly Bands? Seems like Ekat had the idea just before they hit the market….I know a good lawyer if you need one….

    Finally got around to reading “No sleep Till Wonderland”… marvelous sequel! It’s so funny reading a novel and knowing the places and descriptions so intimately….like that dumpster at Gatey-watched a 5th grade classmate get tossed in that…. Congrats-well done… hope we here from Mark again someday, he’s kinda endearing….

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