Link roundup (Shirley Jackson, Dave Zeltserman, Laird Barron and more)

In lieu of a real blog post (because I’m supposed to writing right now, really!), some links of note:

Laura Miller ( “Is Shirley Jackson a Great American Writer?”

Nice essay on the works and influence of Jackson, plus a bonus plug for the Shirley Jackson Awards

Jeff Vandermeer (Omnivoracious): “Shirley Jackson: Novels and Stories”

Jeff discusses the new Library of America edition of Shirley Jackson’s work.

Dave Zeltserman: (Barnes and Nobles) “The Razor Thin Line Between Crime and Horror”

Dave previews his new horror novel and discusses authors who write both crime and horror.

–Laird Barron (Publisher’s Weekly) “Why I write”

A personal account of why one of today’s most important horror writer’s does what he does. Which is scare the poop out of me. Seriously, I’m reading his OCCULTATION right now, and his “Mysterium Tremendium” might give me some nightmares tonight.

at Suvudu: Authors Talk about their Transformers experiences

I throw in two cents. Implicating my brother in the dastardly commercial plot that is Transformers.


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