To the darkside? Nah, just bought an iMac.

After much soul-searching and seeking counsel with friends, elders, and people with two-bit opinions, I decided to leave the austere life of a PC user, and buy an iMac.

How’s it going so far? I’m typing from my work laptop because I don’t have my new Mac yet. I left my slow and wrinkly PC with the Mac folk so they could data mine it and transfer all my important stuff: stuff like my secret recipes for blood pudding; pictures of me, Putin (Joey, not Vladimir), and Melissa Rivers; screenshots of deleted horror message board threads; thirteen screenplays of BATTLEFIELD EARTH; the picture of me sitting at Fox Mulder’s desk; and so much more!

I promise, once I am up and running with my Mac to not look down upon you, my former PC friends. I intend on slumming it every once and a while with my work laptop. However, with the new iMac by my side, I do plan on thinking clearer, seeing brighter, smelling the same, and computing higher.



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4 responses to “To the darkside? Nah, just bought an iMac.

  1. Hey Paul,
    Welcome aboard. Macs are great, I’ve been working on Macs for 15+ years in the wonderful world of advertising, and have never had any problems. If you need any help, just drop me a line.

  2. One of us!
    One of us!
    One of us!

    Welcome to the cult, Paul. You’re black mock turtleneck and jeans are in the mail.

    • thelittlesleep

      I’ve always wanted to wear a mock turtleneck but never felt comfortable doing so…

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