Last chance to pre-order limited edition of IN THE MEAN TIME

Today and tomorrow are the last days for pre-orders of the fancy schmancy limited edition of IN THE MEAN TIME.  The limited, trade paper, ebook will all be unleashed on October 15th.

As described on the publisher’s page, you get 4 extra stories with the limited, a fancy new cover, plus the following may (or may not, no guarantees in this life…) happen as part of the limited:

–The ability to shoot three pointers and curse like a librarian who was once a sailor.

–You will grow three inches taller.

–Your uvula will shrivel and die.

–You will grow a second head in place of your missing uvula.

–You will throw imaginary tea parties and invite only the hamsters that live in your building. No, not a political tea party, but a happy, polite one, and everyone will speak with British accents. The hamsters won’t speak much, true, but they’ll twitch their noses with a British flair.

–People will actually like you and think you are cool.

–People will hate you like poisoned poison.

–You will live a full life until you die.

–You will be able to shout Candyman three times in front of a mirror and not face any unpleasant consequences.

–Oddly, you will want to wear shorts that do not go below your knee. On your knee will be fine, above your knee will be a secret thrill, but below your knee will edge you toward senseless violence.

–You think think Paul Tremblay is incredibly handsome, charming, and handsome.

So enjoy the limited, and all its perks!


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