Chinese Translation of THE LITTLE SLEEP: pictures!

Look at what that crazy mailman left me today. Five copies of the chinese translation of The Little Sleep. Check it out:

The front cover. The book comes with a little wrap around cardboard thingy with a pic (relating to the plot, of course!) and text. One pic with the wrap, one without.

The back cover. Camera went all sepia tone of this photo, not sure why. Dig the groovy tree turning to birds. Very dreamy. It’s not in the novel, but it’s very dreamy.

There looks to be some sort of written introduction to the book, which wasn’t there for the American version. Gotta find a way to see what that says. Cooler  yet, there are footnotes in the text! From what I can figure, it looks like there’s explanations for my western pop culture references.

And lastly, a shout out to the Chizine crew. This text appears on the back flap (must be from my bio):



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2 responses to “Chinese Translation of THE LITTLE SLEEP: pictures!

  1. wickerkat

    That’s awesome. I actually collect Japanese Stephen King, they do some very cool covers, often extending an image or scene over 2-4 books. How the hell did you manage these, btw? Very cool.

    • thelittlesleep

      Holt sold these rights (along with a publisher in Korea and Italy, but this is the first translation to show up in hard copy so far).


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