IN THE MEAN TIME is out today!

The collection, it lives! I ain’t to shamless to ask kindly for your patronage, amazon reviews, mentions, blogs, tweets, facebooks, bat signals, prank calls, and anything else you can think off.  Keep your eye out for more news and cool free stuff assocaited with the book. In the meatime…

–Buy at amazon, BN, Borders, Indies, and elsewhere.

–See the blurbs from Jessica Anthony, Laird Barron, Kevin Brockmeier, Brian Evenson, Helen Oyeyemi, Ann Vandermeer, and Kevin Wilson HERE.

–Read a free sample, the first story, “The Teacher,” HERE.


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5 responses to “IN THE MEAN TIME is out today!

  1. wickerkat

    Congratulations, Paul, can’t wait to read this. I will for sure spread the word.

  2. Jesse Lawrence

    supercool. apparently my copy is being prepared for shipping. c’mon amazon, let’s get a move on!

  3. I’m putting in an order this weekend. Maybe we should consider this for The Velvet book club pick sometime next year.

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