2 more ITMT reviews

From Naomi Johnson at THE DROWNING MACHINE:

“The most difficult task facing the short story writer is deciding what to leave out, how to create those gaps in the story or character that best reveal the story or character; what to resolve and what should remain ambiguous. After reading these stories I am convinced that Tremblay is a master at evoking images by using shadows, at creating worlds by ending them.”

From Chris Hallock at ALL THINGS HORROR:

“There are a number of reasons why I highly recommend this collection. Each story is unique and even though we know Tremblay is the writer, every voice seems fresh, distinct, and realistic. There is never a moment where a theme or character feels like a retread of the others. Tremblay knows how real people think and speak, and that the most important things sometimes lurk hidden in their messages. With his collection, Tremblay is providing us the keys to unlocking those secrets even though we run the risk of exposing ourselves.”

Both reviews please and humble me. And to celebrate, I’ll be eating chinese food tonight. A little Kung Pao, me thinks…


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