Mean Time podcast #2: Stephen Graham Jones

Stephen Graham Jones reads “We Will Never Live in the Castle.”  GO HERE FOR THE PODCASTICNESS.

Next week, it’s IHG  award-winning author Michael Cisco’s turn.

“We Will Never Live in the Castle” is the anchor/last story in my collection. It’s novelette length and original to the collection: A once-awkward teen holes up in a kiddie-themed amusement park after the end of the world, and schemes to take Cinderella’s Castle by force.

Stephen Graham Jones’s new noir/weird/zombie chupacabra/awesome novel IT CAME FROM DEL RIO is out now, and a new short story collection of his, THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY, will be out any day now. Previous books include, LEDFEATHER, DEMON THEORY, and ALL THE BEAUTIFUL SINNERS.

Years ago, Laird Barron grabbed my by the shoulders, shook me, and said you have to read this short story “Raphael” by this guy Jones. A few days later, Jack Haringa put Stephen’s DEMON THEORY in my lap. I read it. Loved it and then went out and read everything else of Stephen’s I could find. He’s one of my favorite authors working today. Besides having fresh/weird ideas and a distinctive voice, Stephen’s work is always emotionally genuine.

Huge thanks to Stephen for participating in the podcasts. Especially for reading the longest story!


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  1. Right on, Paul. I’m downloading all of these. SGJ is great, All The Beautiful Sinners is one of my favorites.

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