More Mean Time love: Piccirilli, Zeltersman, Hipster Bookclub

Tom Piccirilli: “Paul Tremblay’s collection IN THE MEAN TIME. I’ve been a big fan of Paul’s since reading his novels THE LITTLE SLEEP andNO SLEEP TILL WONDERLAND, which follow dubious investigations of a narcoleptic PI. Now he tears up the scene with short fiction is striking, original, enigmatic, surreal, and horrific in all the best ways. If you’re a fan of the likes of Dennis Etchison, Donald Barthelme, Thomas Ligotti, or Kelly Link, you’ll love Paul’s work. In any case, scarf up his books, you can’t go wrong.”

Dave Zeltserman: “Paul Tremblay’s short story collection, In The Mean Time, which I absolutely love. Few writers do unease and disquiet as well in the short form as Paul does in this wonderful collection.”

And a very thoughtful (and positive!) review from Jessica Sycz Blanchard at the Hipster Bookclub:

“In the Mean Time is at once eerie, disturbing, challenging, and wonderful. Tremblay challenges readers’ sense of security and may not leave any parting consolation—except perhaps to say that we’re all in this together.”



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2 responses to “More Mean Time love: Piccirilli, Zeltersman, Hipster Bookclub

  1. Well see, you had me at Kelly Link. Just picked up MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS and wrote my first intentional “magical realism” short story the other day. Glad to see you getting all the props you deserve, Paul. Can’t wait to dig into this. I hope with the holidays I’ll have time to dive in. Maybe I’ll read this along with SARAH COURT and THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY, seems like a nice trio of dark short stories.

  2. thelittlesleep

    Kelly is one of my favorite writers.
    Stephen and I were just recently chatting about how, in a way, our collections feel like companion books. At least aesthetically speaking.

    and thanks!

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