Mean Time Podcast #4: Sarah Langan

Sarah Langan reads “The Two-Headed Girl”: GO HERE FOR THE PODCASTNESS OF A LIFETIME.

“The Two-Headed Girl”: A girl with a second head that changes into different historical and fictional identities tries to find her father while figuring out how to handle Mom and the book club. This story was published in Interzone,, and reprinted in Year’s Best American Fantasy 3.

Next week author John “I’m not the other” Langan reads!

Sarah Langan is the best-selling and award-winning author of The Missing, The Keeper, and Audrey’s Door, along with numerous short stories. In addition to writing novels, she is also pursuing her Master’s in Environmental Health Science/Toxicology at New York University.

Sarah’s novels are prime examples of what a smart, literate, contemporary horror novel should be. And I’m forever grateful that she took the time out of her crazy-busy schedule to read “The Two-Headed Girl.”

Sarah is one of the original jurors and one of the co-founders of the Shirley Jackson Awards. Not only is she a top-notch writer, but is fiercely intelligent and extremely hard-working, and her genuine passion for dark/horrific literature is inspiring. That and she gets along with my sis-cuz Jennifer at parties, so she’s all right by me!


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