Interview up at Mourning Goats

I discuss goats, a failed novel, the pyshical pain a co-writer is putting me through, and why I love my online friends.

As they say in the biz (what biz?), a tease:

“What I dislike is the exponentially expanding crush social media/information/sites that make it more difficult to figure out where a writer should be spending her/his time wisely. I dislike the glut of self-proclaimed genre expert (any genre, pick a genre) some of whom do more harm than good, in terms of their disseminating wrong or biased information (in regards to what’s happening in the genre(s)). Don’t get me wrong, with book coverage all but disappearing from print media outlets, book bloggers/reviewers are vital in filling that void. I guess what I’m saying is I wish more of the online folk were less interested in star f*cking, less interested in personal agendas, and were more interested in promoting diverse, healthy, inclusive genres and literature in general.”


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