SF Signal: Be my victim: Paul Tremblay on the State of the Short Story

Author and all around good egg Lee Thomas has a regular column called Be My Victim over at SF Signal. This time around we discussed the short story as a format and how our instant gratification culture may or may not be affecting the form.

Make with the clicky for the full piece:

“The big question is who does the short story–as a form–appeal to? Who reads them? Besides us, right? And by us I mean writers. There’s compelling evidence to suggest that the short story is where today’s writers do their training or their apprenticeship. The speculative fiction community has a vibrant short fiction readership so it seems, but how much of that readership is of other writers or trying-to-be writers? When I was slush reading for Chizine and Fantasy Magazine, I can’t tell you how many cover letters I got that mentioned “graduate of Clarion pick-a-direction” and other workshops. Hell, even this math-teaching-schmoe taught a workshop at Emerson College (it was a lot of fun, I must say). I don’t have an MFA, but it seems like many of those writers are learning how to write primarily in the form of short fiction. Interesting article on slate.com about how MFA programs use short fiction.”


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