Two Reprints (and a Mean Time review) now on-line

As a part of Chizine’s Mega-God Issue, one of my first attempts at weird noir/crime fiction, “The Dilky Never Landed,” is now up on the chizine interwebs. This story takes place in Jeffrey Thomas’s brilliant Punktown universe, and was originally published in the anthology, Punktown: Third Eye (2004).

Clicky for the Dilky.

And while you’re there, be sure to donate some money to the Chizine folks. The Mega-Issue is part of their fund-drive, now that Dorchester Publishing hasn’t paid them (just like they haven’t paid their authors) their owed advertizing fees. Help keep one of the longest-running and best fiction webzines running!

–Elsewhere, WeAreVespertine posted a cool review of IN THE MEAN TIME:

“Paul Tremblay’s In the Mean Time travels along the same lines as the aforementioned.  It’s dark, haunting, and pretty f*cking beautiful at times, if I do say so myself.  Sometimes it’s terrifying and sometimes sad, but sometimes you don’t know what it is—only that you’re paying attention and waiting for that particular void to be filled.  Keeping comparisons light, the collection, a Chizine publication, does something that the other three do not: it varies.  It changes pace, tone, and even genre.”

They who are verspertine also posted the collection’s anchor novelette, “We Will Never Live in the Castle.”


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