Re-enactment (of sorts) of Mark Genevich’s bridge ride!

While the ride of Genevich is not as historically important (and has yet to be misappropriated by Sarah Palin) as Paul Revere’s midnight ride, Filmmaker and fan of THE LITTLE SLEEP Marc Colucci took a scary drive over Mark Genevich’s favorite bridge: the Sagamore. You know, one of the two bridges that spans the Cape Cod Canal, connecting mainland Massachusettes to the sand, surf, and mini-golf on the Cape? That bridge that rises into the clouds, has no median and anorexic thin double lanes? Yeah, that bridge.

So, yeah, Marc Colucci doesn’t have narcolepsy, and he didn’t drive over the bridge at night, and he didn’t have any secret film to transport. But he did ride over the bridge on a small scooter. The thought of it makes my knees wobble.


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