The Harlequin and the Train now available as an ebook

Formerly only available as a limited edition from Necropolitan Press, The Harlequin and the Train is now a $2.99 ebook. Available at amazon now, and soon to be in Nook and Apple’s iTunes as well. The ebook version is gussied up with hyperlinks. They’re fun and informative!


Rudy has only been on the job as a train engineer for a few months. While at the helm of a commuter train headed to Boston, Massachusetts, it hits a harlequin clown, and in the chaotic aftermath, he witnesses the horrific and inexplicable actions of a group of people who were seemingly laying in wait for the accident. There are other accidents and as the group infiltrates his life (present and past), and as random global acts of violence and suffering seem to be connected, what Rudy believes about others and himself will be forever warped as he makes his final choice.


“Tremblay is an expert when it comes to piercing the veil of  prosaic suburban life to reveal its dark heart. Cryptic, elliptical, and profoundly eerie, The Harlequin & the Train unfolds inexorably as a nightmare.”—Laird Barron, author of The Croning and Occultation

“Highlight this in yellow: With The Harlequin and the Train, Paul G. Tremblay manages to make the reader complicit in the narrator’s decisions. He pulls you down with him, giving you that uncomfortable feeling in your gut when being dragged to something you don’t want to see. Through clean, simple language coupled with bizarre and unsettling events, you are brought directly to that place you would never want to be. But it’s okay, it’s alright, everything will be fine: Just keep telling yourself that you’re not Rudy. Could never be Rudy. The Harlequin and the Train further cements Tremblay’s reputation of being one of the finest writers of weird fiction—hell, any form of fiction—working in the field today.”–Brett Savory, author of In and Down

“Don’t let the title fool you. This story’s about neither clowns nor trains. Instead, it shows us what terrible thing germinates in each of our hearts. And how it can grow into something beautiful, if we let it.”–Stephen Graham Jones, author of Demon Theory and Growing Up Dead in Texas

“Call it a novella if you want, but this fast little book engages you at a deeper level than most of the doorstop novels out there. It’s one of those rare instances where the writing and the story have synched up perfectly. What I’m saying is that I wish I would have written this book. As is, I’ll have to just be satisfied with having name small here, like this:”–Stephen Graham Jones (so nice, he blurbed it twice!)

“With The Harlequin and The Train, Tremblay cements his reputation as one of the finest craftsmen of dark fiction working today.  The story is emotionally complex and stylistically innovative in its exploration of fate and the cruelty of chance. Ambitious and exciting, The Harlequin and The Train is a remarkable achievement.” Lee Thomas, author of The German and The Dust of Wonderland

“With THE HARLEQUIN AND THE TRAIN, Paul Tremblay accomplishes what veteran authors of the new genre still strive toward: the perfect balance between smart, innovative plot, and true characters who break your heart.  I loved it.”—Sarah Langan, author of The Keeper and The Missing


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